Large Event Preparation

Large Event Preparation

There are a few things you can do to prevent that a large scale event involving many avatars on the sim will turn out to be a stuttering lag monster. Be aware that only one badly configured avatar can stop all movement on the entire sim.

1. Strip your avatar from any unneeded scripted parts, any fancy microprim jewels or microprim hair. I know, we all want to look good but each prim and prim texture has to be drawn by the sim server.

2. Come to the sim before the event and TEMPORARILY  set the draw distance on 500. This will load all the sims textures in your own computer, so not during the event but beforehand. Wait for a couple of minutes and set the draw distance back to e.g. 120 but certainly  not more than 200. This will allow you to see way ahead.

Watch Your Scripts


Attaching complex objects TO YOUR AVATAR. This is the same as rezzing an object.

Here is the list of performance killers:

– Remove all Resizer scripts and unnecessary scripts in anything you are wearing.   (To do this click edit/content    tab and delete script.)

– Remove bling, remove any attachment you really don’t need they all add up, including gestures.

– Remove all combat huds such as QUANTUM, PHENOM, MEPHISTO, XHUD, TOLERENCE  ZERO.  These alone can crash a busy sim.  All you need is the DCS2.

– Remove Scripted weapons when not engaged in active roleplay battle.

– Set your draw distance to 100 meters max (Edit / preference / graphics / draw distance)

– See the following link to check your Avatar Rendering Weight:


Server side lag is caused by several things, independently. There are two major causes; all others are secondary and negligible. They are, in order of impact on a SIM:


People, even wearing nothing at all, with an ARC of 1, and no scripts, will lag a SIM. The SIM needs to keep track of where each avatar is, to prevent them walking through one another, floors, walls, etc.  So again remove all items mentioned above.


This is common knowledge. But many do not realize how heavily scripted they are and how badly this affects a SIM.  Remove all scripted attachments. An AO in an of itself is negligible when compared to hair that is resize-scripted. Keep the AO, and instead ensure that your hair, shoes and other attachments have no resize scripts in them. (There is no good reason whatsoever for anyone to be carrying around more than 200 scripts on a human avatar, even when in full RP attire, with combat HUDs.)

Contrary to popular belief, prims do not lag a SIM – or more precisely, their effect on lag is minuscule compared to the two things mentioned above. Scripted prims cause lag; unscripted ones do not.
Most scripts consume minimum 0.01ms.  An avatar carrying 200 scripts could potentially be consuming a whopping 2ms script time or more! The current “magic number” before sim performance really deteriorates is 22.3ms. Once above 22.3ms, expect your friends to start saying things like “laaaaag!”.

So before RP check your attachments (hair, shoes, etc) to ensure that they are unscripted.  Take out ever resizer scripts in everything you are wearing.

★ Each member deserves a lag free environment and your avatar could be killing it for them.  The Admin of this sim will address you personally if you do not respect the sim guidelines regarding your own personal avatar.

★ You are responsible for educating yourself with the information provided to help you.

Additional Resources:


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