Level 2: Tsaheylu (meditation)

As we grow in our knowledge of the Na’vi culture, Eywa shows each of us ways to care for our clan.  Our minds, bodies, and spirits are best when unified together with the generations of Na’vi who impart their wisdom to each of us for our special roles within the clan.  One such role is the “healer” who looks for ways to use what Eywa has bestowed upon them to replenish the spirit of our people.

The Na’vi have long know the art of meditation or “Tsaheylu” which is our way of connecting one with another.  The Tree of Souls provides us that connection to generations of our clan, Eywa, and all of the flora and fauna of Pandora.  That spirit lives within each of us and has the ability to provide healing power.  To practice the art of Tsaheylu, we cleanse our mind of the outside world and all the pains within it as we focus our heart, mind, and spirit on one thing.  This is often done through focusing on your breathing and repeating a phrase over and over again as a mantra to chase off the other thoughts from the mind.  Here are some basic steps for your practice:

  1. FIND THE RIGHT PLACE: We find this best when lying down with midnight set as you focus upon the orange ball visible in the night sky upon our mountain.  While many people sit still to meditate, it’s possible to use these techniques while lying down, standing, or walking.
  2. FOCUS ON THE BREATH: Keeping the attention on the sensation of the breath as it passes in and out of your nostrils.  Sometimes called “mindfulness meditation,” it teaches you to be aware of the present moment without judging or reacting.
  3. FOCUS ON THE BODY: Feel the sensations throughout the body, such as pain, warmth, or tension.
  4. FOCUS ON A WORD OR PHRASE: Repeating a word or phrase, sometimes called a “mantra” to keep the mind free of distracting thoughts.  Here is one example that our clan uses, which means “to be as one soul” by saying: “Ne Lu Na ‘aw Viltra.”
  5. PRACTICE TIME: Meditate approximately 25 minutes, and then reflect on what you feel with our connection as brothers and sisters connected through the serum from the Sacred Tree of Souls.
  6. UNIFICATION: We will pass the Chalice of Tissane seasoned with a drop of thanator elixir to help us grow stronger with its power bestowed upon each of us. This is a secret rite of passage.

Your Tsaheylu practice will be your Level 2 training for your Hawpanyu (Healer) role.  Practicing may calm you, provide a higher alertness, and a deeper sense of mind, body, and spirit.  This can reduce stress, improve quality of life, and reduce fatigue.  All of these are extremely valuable before and after our bloody battles with the RDA.

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