Level 3: Reiki’zekyo’i (healing)

Having achieved Level 2 with your practice of Tsaheylu, you now move into a deeper sense of healing as you learn the secret Na’vi ways of “Reiki’zekyo’i” in this Level 3 challenge.  This is a technique that is more art than science.  You don’t just practice it, but rather it becomes a part of you as you use it to bring healing to the minds, bodies, and spirits of our people.  Here are some basic steps for your practice:

  1. CLEANSING THE BODY: To heal a brother or sister, it is important for the Hawpanyu (healer) to first be clean.  Wash your hands and face to provide open channels for Eywa’s healing powers.  You may need to cleanse the injured Na’vi too depending upon their wounds and previous treatments.
  2. POSITION YOURSELF: Start by kneeling next to the Na’vi you are healing.  Use a healing rug made from Pandora’s natural resources by the hands of the healers that came before us.  Place your hands just over the Na’vi’s heart without touching.  Think of it like massaging their spirit.  You may use as many as 6 different hand positions during a typical Reiki’zekyo’i treatment.
  3. FREE THEIR HEART: Keep your hands stationary and you feel the heat from their “heart.”  You will break through their negative barriers of energy, which hold the pain within their body.  Hold each hand position for about 2 to 5 minutes while directing your energy to clear any blockages in their body’s energy patterns.  Hand positions are held until you feel that energy patterns are resolved.
  4. RELEASE THEIR MIND: Move both of your hands up to their forehead to connect to their “mind” and break through their negative energy field. You will again feel heat sensations as you break through.
  5. CONNECT TO THEIR SPIRIT: Move one hand down over the heart while keeping the other hand over their forehead.  This creates a powerful connection between the mind and body to the patient’s spirit.  As the Hawpanyu (healer), you should sense a state of calmness in the injured Na’vi.  You may feel a sense of weakness as your “positive energy” flows outward and into your ailing brother or sister.  Do not worry at this point, for Eywa will sustain you and provide the energy needed for the full healing.
  6. PRAYER: The Hawpanyu prays for the healing to be complete for mind and spirit.  Seek Eywa’s wisdom for further treatment of the body (using skills you learned in level one with flora leaves and fauna elixirs).  A healing wrap often provides great healing powers for wounds sustained in battle.
  7. THANKFULNESS: Pray to Eywa a prayer of thanks with your brother or sister.  We often see great illumination as we give gratitude back to Eywa for such healing powers.  This is a valuable thing for the Hawpanyu to remember that they are not the source of healing, but rather our powers are from Eywa who watches over us and protects us in such times as this.
  8. RESTORING ENERGY: Afterwards, the patient may feel deeply relaxed. And the Hawpanyu may be drained. A very spiritual dance between the Healer and the patient will occur as the session is shown to be successful and Eywa will caress you and bathe each of you with energy and illumination (use the healing powers here from your DCS).  For role play, we channel the strength and healing of Eywa through our hands and at times through our minds and meditations in group. The more Na’vi in the group, the stronger our ability to heal our brothers and sisters in moments so they don’t miss hours of RP in a catatonic state.

The Reiki healer training generally requires 2 days of training.  At each level, students receive an “attunement,” or an energetic initiation which are believed to bring the capacity to access Reiki energy.  Over a period of days or weeks (no more than 2), depending on your dedication and attendance, a student can study to become a Reiki’ Hawpanyu.

HISTORY OF REIKI USE BY RDA: The term “Reiki” in the human tongue means “universal life energy” which can be traced back in the RDA databases to a Japanese form of therapy which is delivered through the hands.  The Reiki practitioners believe that energy surrounds and moves through the human body.  Reiki attempts to balance the flow of this energy and stimulate the body’s healing abilities.  The humans have reported Reiki to increase feelings of well-being, reduce stress, and help relieve chronic pain.  One note in particular mentioned a small Canadian study with 20 volunteers experiencing pain, some of whom had cancer, that were later treated by certified Reiki therapists to determine whether Reiki could be a helpful addition to pain medicines. Immediately after the Reiki treatment, pain scales showed pain reductions in the volunteers.

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